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asr segfaults?

The Amrit

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Eh? Apple system restrore segfaults when trying to make a block-by-block copy (Boot from DVD) oh and an other weird thing... Disk Utility says that it 'lost the connection to the helper program' WTF!? This is what i'm trying to oh so despratly do: Block-by-block copy of one drive to the next. There are the commands i have tried to do:


asr -source /Volumes/MacHD -target /Volumes/lolhd -erase -noprompt

Verifying Source...

Verifying Target...

Eraseing Target...

Backing Up Drive... Segfault


Now I'm just ditoing my drive just to see what happens...


I tried CCC but it only does file level, and when i try to launch it from the Prompt, off the HDD, it sayes that some kext isn't loaded...


Any other ideas?

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