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Is ALC833 Digital or Not?

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Hi. I didn't install Kalyway's ALC833 installer for the mobo GA-965P-DS3 revision 1.0

I'm installing Taruga's stanalone ALC833 installer. The installer has an two options: digital and not-digital

I'm installing it for my 5.1 setup. My OS is Kalyway's Leopard, updated to 10.5.2


Also, if Taruga's installer fail, how do I uninstall it. The installer's name is ALC883Audio.mpkg.


Thanks in advance.

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first of all , may i ask where did you find the ALC883 standalone installer by Taruga ?

as well as I know it is by Skippy.


if it fails , you boot your system with -x command to get in safe mode. and roll back whatever you have done.

you may need to delete manually or install another one that works.

after all don't forget to repair disk permissions via disk utility.

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