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Total Noob needs help installing


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Ok, so most of you experianced people will roll your eyes and probably yell at me, but I am hopeful for some help. I have trolled around these forums for a few weeks and I read alot of stuff. But I am unsure I will even be able to do this.


I have a 2 year old dell laptop with 768 ram and an intel pentium 4 sse2 processor, however I am only running onboard video and sound.


I was wanting to install leopard because I hate Vista.


There was really nothing to change in my bios but I downloaded Kalyway 10.5.1 and tried to do the install , darwin boots up and I have tried doing all the thigns I have read. Like Vanilla, toh etc. and it goes through the darwin load, then it reboots.


Now I am not sure if this is do to my lack of hardware, or my disk. I keep reading something about efi and such and I am unsure what all that means.


I was just looking for some help, and if there is anyone willing to help me they can e-mail my personal account or PM or something.


Would Tiger be a better option? Thanks in advance.



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