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  1. Help on iPC 10.5.6 on P5W DH Deluxe

    If you're not getting QE then at the kext install menu don't select anything under video cards and install EFI studio under other tools and boot into leopard and launch efi studio (applications/utilities) and select your video card and write to com.apple.Boot.plist. You can also enable quartz gl buy installing OSx86 Tools Utility. You might have front panel firewire and audio disabled in the bios so look around.
  2. It's not a detailed list but look at it as a guideline. P5B-deluxe mobo -90 Liteon dvd-rw -30 (newegg) G.Skill ddr2-1000 ram -80 (newegg) Cheap case -30 look for free shipping 400 wt logisys power supply -30 (newegg) cpu fan -20 (don't need anything fancy but look for ones that have good reviews) NV Gt7300 - 40 (get dual screen compatable model) 8000's are cheaper now also I havent been looking all that much. With shipping you'll be under $400 or 225 pounds. Thats what I have and it's rock solid and running OS 10.5 for 4 months straight now. I also have 2 sceptre monitors they cost me around 300 for both and a Mac Pro keyboard.
  3. XFX GeForce 7200GS 256 MB in Leopard?

    If you want full compatablity (QE/CI, dual screen) then this is the one you want... http://www.compuvest.us/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=243217 All you need to do is copy over nvinject kext over and reboot.
  4. Windows Keyboard equivalance

    In keyboard perferences under modifer keys, switch command and control. Now control is at the normal position where you would expect under Windows. For example Control+C for copy is Command+C in OSX so when you switch the modifier keys, it would be Control+C. Or you can customize it however you want.
  5. $110 installation charge, that sounds about right.
  6. BUilding in Progress

    You can get that procesor for around 110 to 125 shipped if you searched a bit more. No need to change boards you like because a feature is not working, you can pick up a lan card for cheap. If you wait couple of weeks more a new processor is coming out thats about 200mhz faster and $40 more expenisve but it's supposely good for video apps. For $12 more you can get 100 more gbs. -_-G.SKILL-_-20231098" target="_blank">This is a faster ram for pretty much the same price. Brand is excellent also.
  7. Total Noob needs help installing

    My first hackintosh was on a Dell similar to yours when Hackintoshes were in the baby stages, it worked pretty well with few little tweaks, so try the tigers. I'm prett sure it will work.
  8. Front Row in TV Out

    If your TV has DVI/HDMI then you can connect it to your TV from your computer that way and run a seperate audio line.
  9. Google is your friend. Atleast try searching, I bet most of the times you can get an answer faster that way. Espically for a common problem like the one your having.
  10. Bad Ram?

    Well Newegg dosent package the product, they just get it from the manufactor and package that in another box with peanuts. I ordered Corsair and G.Skills before and they were never in an anti-static bag. Did you see if your motherboard was compatable with your laptop? As in accepatble brands and speed.
  11. ichatusb cam

    iChatUSB is only $10 I say it's pretty fair, I might buy the 3 pack bundle when I get my webcams.
  12. Help me build my computer!

    My Asus board resets when I push the motherboard aginst the backing when it's on so I put a paper/plastic backing between the motherboard and the alumium backing and that solved the problem. My motherboard is a pretty popular brand so anything thing can happen.
  13. Overclocking my E6300

    I'm getting 2.78 GHz on my chip. Running very stable. Thats the max I can get my board to but with a better board it can go higher and still be stable. I'm using DDR2 800 factory over clocked to 1000.
  14. PNY nvidia 7300GT... Dual screen FULLY FUNCTIONAL

    I bought that video card from compuvest. Took 7 days to get here (ordered last monday). Took out the ATI card and put the Nvidia card in and some edits on kexts and everything is working great. QE/CI and dual screen. Thanks for the recommandation. It came with a mouse pad for some odd reason. I guess compuvest is handing those out like hotcakes to advertise their store.
  15. ATI or Nvidia for 10.5.2?

    I just bought a cheap 7300gt because my ATI card couldent do dual screen, it did everything else though.