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Macbook Pro for $1535!


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The unit's list price is $1699 but couple that to a [sarcasm]whopping[/sarcasm] $12.51 of instant savings and it becomes 1686.49. Once you send in the rebate (either via online or mail) then you are sent a cheque worth $150 and you will have paid $1535 for a brand new Santa Rosa Macbook Pro. Yes it's not as fast the Penryn models that were just released but, who cares??? If you are in the market for a New MBP and don't fancy spending $1799 - $1999 on this laptop, then get this one from Amazon. Amazon also offers free shipping and doesn't charge any tax unless you live in California I believe so this sounds like a real steal.


PS: It includes a remote :)


Apple, don't be so cheap next time and just include the darn remote. It costs you all of $5 to do so! :D

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