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"Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer"

Silent OSX

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At the beginning of the install I get the message:

Install Failed

Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer

The installer could not install the software because there was no software found to install.


Click restart to restart your coI can not figure out what's causing this error. The disc is fine, i verified the image and the burnt DVD.. I'm using high quality Verbatim DVD-R and burnt at 4X (slowest avalible).

My drives show up as 128GB but I figured that was a common problem that I could solve later..


I haven't had any problems with 10.4.5 10.4.6 or 10.4.8..


I have one GUID partition that I make using Disk utility on the disc.



AMD A64 3500+

DFI Infinity RS482 (SB 400 chipset)

Gigabyte X1600Pro SilentPipe II PCI-E card

2 GB PC3200 RAM

160GB Samsung ATA drive (for OS)

400GB Samsung ATA drive (for storage)



I got every part of this setup to work in Tiger.


I'm really out of ideas, and would really need your help on this one...

Any thoughts?





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