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  1. Mac media server.

    yes i do my android phone .and any computer. tversity did it really when i had a windows machine
  2. Mac media server.

    For quite some time now i have been looking for a good media server for mac. I want it to take the music from my itunes library. including playlists if possible. and playable on any other computer. please help Thanks Jordan
  3. I have a hack and would like to get 2 right and left audio out channels on it. I have 3 sound cards that work with the system including the on board. I have tried using a splitter but the quality is dramatically reduced. Any ideas?
  4. i have the same machine the thinkpad t40 i installed kalaway 10.5.2 and everything works flawlessly just google it along with instructions and you should be great the only things that i am not completely satisfied with is it doesnt have the multi touch pad and i dont see have a battery indicator but those are minor and the laptop it self has a batter alarm when it gets low
  5. A Stop Sign! WTH is this.....

    yes i have the same problem and i cant find any one who has any answers as to how to fix it but i know it works because if i sit there and keep restarting it, it will load and work just like a mac if not better its just a little temperamental at the beginning and its getting annoying! ep45-ud3r intel core 2 duo 3.0ghz 1 - 750gb sata Nividia 6200( yeah i know its old but i had it laying around and i dont game) 4gb ocz DDR3 ram
  6. ipc 10.5.6 boot

    when my computer boots it will start up sometimes and other it will got to the loading screen with a circle with a cross threw it. then i will restart and it will do it again but after restarting a few times it will eventually work. how do i get it to start up every time and work right a way? i have a gigabyte EP45-UD3R Intel core 2 duo 3.2ghz 4gb ram
  7. DFI Infinity RS482

    i have a DFI Infinity RS482 im using onbord graphics (not for long) amd 64 4000+ i installed mac but when it tries to boot i will just sit at the white screen with a loading pinwheel for 20min+ i have tried all the kernels it comes with im stuck and want to know what to do
  8. 1 there is a problem with disk/image 2 you need to format ur hdd to mac osx(journled) 3 thats where i got stuck with the patches and things