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Kalway Issue

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hello, i have a question..

can you tell me, what i do wrong?

When i boot from the Kalyway DVD

i became only this message ...



i don't kown what i can do..


i have a intel core 2 duo e6300

a geforce 7650 gs..

3gb ram

my mainboard is a MSI ms-7318



have you any idee what i can do, so that kalyway 10.5.1 runs?



Our comversation:




What options did you select? Was there a speedstepping option?


I had only put the dvd in the pc and boot from it..

than i pressed f8 an write -x -v .... and than came this massage...


sorry, but what is da speedstepping? xD



try reburning it at the slowest speed possible.


i think i had the dvd burned at the slowest speed. any other ideas? befor ich burn the dvd and it is still not working.....


Try booting with



If I were you I would try a different distro because there have been reports of the Kalway not booting properly.



only write vanilla after i pressed f8?

i had tested iaktos v1.0i... it do not works too...

the darwin loader is 1-2 sec. active and than my pc is rebooting... i have tested with -v -x ... but it dont works...


Just type vanilla



ok, i will test it.. thank you smile.gif

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