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Additional network card on leopard hackintosh

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I was hoping someone could tell me whether this is possible or not. I have installed a NIC on my hackintosh (in addition to the onboard NIC) and would like to use it strictly for my Windows XP PRO virtual machine (VMware Fusion).


I am assuming that I would have to find the correct drivers so that MAC OS recognizes the card to pass it through to the VM. Has anyone else tried this??



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I may not be understanding the question but I have a network card out of an xserve in my hacked mac as well as an onboard ethernet socket. I only use the pci network card as my onboard one won't play. I had installed parallels recently and it did work fine through an xp virtual machine. I was able to connect to other pc's/macs on the network and browse...


If you look at the settings, you should be able to define which card you can use... Now I do know that you can use 2 network cards on 1 mac but I don't know if they can both be connected to the same physical network at the same time....


- that probably didn't help at all....



- Rick -

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