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  1. I would imagine that the 4gb download of lion is some kind of pkg, and I suppose it should be simple enough to intercept it and patch it before the installer executes. I'm no expert but that would seem the way to approach it... I'm quite impressed at the way they're going about killing the disc - it's balls out just like killing off the floppy drive with the iMac but this time through software! :-) Rick
  2. I'd just like to add that I had this problem too... I realized that it was related (at least on my hack) to a sound problem because when I plugged in a pair of usb headphones or speakers, the videos would play fine. Without them, it would just stop after a few seconds. It was only an issue on flash driven video. This was on a machine where I couldn't get the onboard sound to work so I was using the superb iMic instead.. -Rick-
  3. A wireless OS9 project? Solution needed?

    as far as I know bluetooth does work on OS9, only problem is you'd need bluetooth adaptors for each machine - I know that the DBT-120 used to work. But I seem to remember that I using a generic bluetooth adaptor on os9 with one of my old nokia phones fromthat era... hope this helps R
  4. Little Snitch

    I use it all the time and find it very useful to see what is "phoning home". Extremely handy if you have a couple of dubious bits of 'ware on your mac. I paid for it and was happy to. It's frightening how much software tries to contact the mothership these days worth the money, in my opinion! Rick
  5. I think I can safely say that the entire "scene" has been awaiting this second coming... We are not worthy!!!! can't wait Rick
  6. hello... I may not be understanding the question but I have a network card out of an xserve in my hacked mac as well as an onboard ethernet socket. I only use the pci network card as my onboard one won't play. I had installed parallels recently and it did work fine through an xp virtual machine. I was able to connect to other pc's/macs on the network and browse... If you look at the settings, you should be able to define which card you can use... Now I do know that you can use 2 network cards on 1 mac but I don't know if they can both be connected to the same physical network at the same time.... - that probably didn't help at all.... - Rick -
  7. Trying to get the DVD to boot a PC

    Please remember, that if apple really wanted to shut all this down, they could... It isn't hard to find or chat to all the people who are creating/hacking these distributions. Obviously we all know this isn't really a grey area - i.e. we shouldn't be doing it. But Apple know full well that it isn't as straightforward as it first seems, and that most people wont even move from IE to Firefox let alone install a new OS on their Dell/generic PC. They know that most of us are essentially curious geeks and most of us spend more time fiddling with our installations as opposed to doing any real work on them... What I suppose I'm trying to say is find it, install it, try to make it work - if you like it and you like the apple experience, you'd be better off buying a Mac, cos in the long run it is officially supported and you just don't have the software niggles that OSX86 has. But if you just like to muck about with software have fun... here endeth the ramblings of a confused mind... R
  8. Asus A8Jm Nvidia Go 7600 512 MB card problems

    I got the impression that 512MB cards in general are not supported at all... I think the only way around is to reflash them so that they are recognised essentially as 256MB - which of course is all a bit pointless.... - sorry I cant be of more help... Rick
  9. iTunes Error (-50) when trying up authorize

    Hello, I'm having exactly the same issues, but I don't really know what I'm supposed to change after opening the plist up... I'm using a broadcom gigabit ethernet card on my pci bus for my connection and I have no idea what to change... It was working up until recently, seemed to go titsup when I upgraded iTunes :-( any ideas... thanks Rick
  10. Still the problem "About this Mac"

    thanks for explaining this... I have everything installed and working but I dread the day when it all goes wrong... R
  11. Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    I have a PowerPC 1.67 ghz powerbook a G4 450mhz cube a 450 mhz G4 a dual proc 1,67 Ghz G4 another dual proc G4 (don't remember the speed) and a borrowed Dual proc G5 (fast) I'm considering a 24" Imac and an AppleTV Rick
  12. PPF-O-Matic crash workaround

    superb, worked fine, now just waiting for my dual core board and processor to install! Thanks