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New Realtek 8187 10.5 drivers


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It works after trying a few different configurations.


Netgear WG111 USB dongle v.2 on 10.5.2


Wireless mode: 802.11g/b

channel Plan: FCC

WPA-PSK AES password encription


Also it keeps your settings and it autoconnects at startup (without showing the client utility app in the dock), last version didnt...

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Guest BuildSmart
the Usb utility does not work...just hangs...Could this be because I am on AMD?
No, it hangs cause it can't find a suitable USB wireless adapter and you provide no real information for anyone to be able to help you resolve it.
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I have downloaded the 1309 driver (running with a Spyker 8187 USB-WiFi adapter and OSX 10.5.5), and it also keeps opening and closing the connection, because (I believe) it cannot authenticate.


If I set the WiFi channel wide open, then it works no problem. When I try to enter a WPA or WEP password in the connect box, it seems to reject every character. That is, no real or dummy character appears, and the system beeps every character I type.


This makes me think the Client utility will not accept a password, and whenever the previous poster tried to connect, he is rejected for no password.


Does anyone know where the Utility stores the password? I would like just to enter the string manually in the .plist.





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I have made an successful installation of kalyway 10.5.2 on my pc. Everything works but not the wifi due to that i have an intel wireless card in my laptop.


Therefore I bought a wireless usb adapter (MSI US54SE II) which is supposed to be supported by HCL 10.5.2 Hardware List.


I install the drivers from Realtek on my hard drive. After installation the computer restarts as it should and loads up. The Realtek Usb WLAN client Utility that comes with the driver bounces for some seconds in the dock then it stops responding.



Tthe adapter is recognized as a usb device in system information but does not work as an internet card.


edit: I heard about that to get the Realtek Utility to work I have to manually set up the device ID in the utility programs info.plist file.

Is this correct and could maybe someone guide me through this step?

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