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iATKOS v1.0iR2 need Help


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I downloaded iATKOS v1.0iR2 burned it very slow I think 2x.

I'm trying to install to my SATA drive I have made a 20gig partition at formatted it fat32 I have Vista on the other 219gb partition.


I booted up iATKOS v1.0iR2 and all I got was the mac loading screen for like 15 minutes:



I was hitting a brick wall here booting with -s -x the keyboard was unresponsive:



Fixed that by using a PS/2 mouse and keyboard and disabling USB in the BIOS and pressing the Num lock on and off got me to this:



macmad from the maconpc.org forums suggested that I use fsck -f as I did here:


When it said Display all 290 possibilities (y or n) I typed n then typed exit then fsck -f as shown above.


In reply to the last screenshot macmad suggested I try booting without -s.

In which I did. I booted with just -x and it took me to the mac loading screen and just stayed there again.


This is where I am now, Any and all help greatly appreciated!!!

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huh....well The Creator the Site Admin from maconpc.org told me to try iATKOS, so I just figured he knew what he was talking about.I just looked at the change log for the 1.0i to 1.0ir2 ppf patch and it says when booting from the dvd "Select SSE2/SSE3 kernel for non-Intel motherboards."

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