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Multi GPU System


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Hey guys .....and girls (hoping this site isnt a sausage fest)


As some of you may know (probably not) im building myself a workstation pc.

Ive been thinking about running osx86 on it but the major problem ive been having is SLI.


However i think i have come up with a solution that works for me.


I had planned to use my two 8800gtxs in sli and then use a matrox triplehead2go to split the signal across my 3 monitors.

However, i realised that by adding a 3rd graphics card, and not using sli, i could dedicate a graphics card to each screen and avoid the matrox solution all together.


My question is, is it possible for me to use this setup using osx86?

Similar to the way a macpro can use upto 4 graphics cards.


Will there be driver issues in osx86?


and has anybody got experience with a multi gpu, non sli, hackintosh?


Cheers in advance



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2 cards = 4 monitors



3 cards would get you 6 monitors..... and yeah, I could definately find a use for 6.... but frankly, its not a real goal for me right now.... I need to get some REAL hardware to replace my prehistoric hand me down stuff and my $5 and $10 recycling center parts so that I can get 4 working.


Although I've got a PCI Geforce FX5200 that runs two heads nicely.... so of course I'll try throwing it into whatever I build and seeing if I could get another pair of heads up.... 6 would be sweet.... I could always find a use for more usable heads... like adding a monitor in nearly any room, or being able to watch video or chat on IRC while cooking/dishes/etc (waterproof USB keyboard?)

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