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P5K or P5Kc? I'm newBie please help me :)


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Hi I'd to buy my new pc and I search in this forum but I'm a newbie and it's really a mess.


So I have this two choice (my dealer availability ) of Mobo:


Asus p5kc (Efi v8? support Vanilla? ide works?see all 4 core?)

Asus p5k (Efi v8? support Vanilla? ide works? see all 4 core)



other stuff just for info


2Gb ram

Asus 7300gs nVidia



Please I'd like to use with Logic pro 8.0 + upd 8.1

Please which is the more compatible Mobo with 10.5.2?

is Stable (very important for me) ???


Really thanks

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