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New Hacktosh Ab9 QuadGt + E6750 o Q6600?


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Hello I am a boy who has a hackintosh, but I want to change the machine to switch to a pro mac hack more powerful. I intend to change the motherboard and cpu. I am thinking to a Ab9 QuadGt intel and E7550. For the processor I think to a dual core, or 50 euros more to take me a quadcore? Truly so much performance? I like this because this motherboard can overcloccare processor and reach beyond the 3.0 Ghz, but not limited to, I think, from what I read, which has 7.1 audio works.

For those who are already Abit AB9 QuadGt, I wanted to ask these questions:

- Supports the bios 16?

Bear-fully all the doors audio?

- Has some problems with sata disk?

- Have any problem with ide?

- In case was excellent, as I believe, would you give me a little hand to the bios settings?

Thank you

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