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  1. Audio plays too fast

    my ac97 audio seems to play too fast when it comes out of the speakers. any ideas?
  2. Change MacPro to Macbook Black

    i have, but i couldn't find much that was useful
  3. Change MacPro to Macbook Black

    my laptop shows up as a mac pro and i would like to change it to a macbook or a black macbook because i painted it that way
  4. A Potential EULA Loophole

    no not if u apply your drivers before u put it it
  5. when i boot normally it takes a long time, but when i boot from the dvd setting the commands to rd=disk0s2 i get to my desktop much faster.
  6. A Potential EULA Loophole

    for me it was something to do with my old pc's from switching from pc to mac
  7. correct me if im wrong but if the EULA states that i cant intall osx on non apple branded hardware it would technically be ok if i installed with the drive in a macbook, than did all the patching over firewire mode and than put it in a pc. technically i installed it on apple branded hardware. please feel free to correct me microsoft whiz
  8. Do ya think this would work?

  9. Do ya think this would work?

    anyone? i really dont want to wipe another hard drive to find out
  10. Make sure u install the driver under the chipset sections on the install you can go back to the installer and just install the driver if u want
  11. Do ya think this would work?

    Thanks still open to opnions, anyone ? Thanks msft whiz
  12. Do ya think this would work?

    can i install regular osx to an external drive on a mac, change the kernel to a patched one, install chamelon bootloader, and pop the drive into a pc? Thanks Microsoft Whiz~
  13. Major Failz

    lol im moving to
  14. Major Failz

  15. Some cool Apple pictures

    LOL. we should all time travel back to 1960 wtih like 100 dollars and all be rich.