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presonus firepod works

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For those of you that record music and junk.....


I haven't loaded logic pro yet, but it works with Itunes. Crackling noise happens though.

I don't know why it happens here, but in windows xp with asio or under-powered macs (ie mac mini or older revision powerbooks) it happens when the computer can't send all the sound information through in time or correctly, this means the comp is just slow or the drivers are not functioning right. either way im going to add another 512 of ram to my box and load it onto a newer hard drive and apply tweaks and see if this fixes it. if not its probably a software issue and I'll just have to wait and see.


p.s. this is besides the point but have any of you noticed the wierd and large ram usage numbers in activity monitor, some of the numbers go up to like 200 megs for programs.


my specs:

i915guxl board

p4 2.66 sse3 512 megs of ram

adaptec firewire

cheap ass ethernet (connected to my xbox wireless)

and some cheap ass dvd drive.


everything is functional 3d to wireless connect. however sound works but does not show up in profile...but it works so whatever.

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DELL D600 Laptop - Everything is PERFECT......Except.

Finally got my drive expanded fully using restore ..... so I could install garageband (GB is Not Pro, I know this), deleted AppleFPMemDriver.kext and now my usb works perfectly and see's my USB M-AUDIO FASTTRACK Audio Interface.


I get playback on my monitors, mic works, however when I try to record guitar, I get super fuzzy crackle trash on my playbck????


Looking for fix, let me know if you get your firepod to be crackle proof and what it was.

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I have also noticed the insanely large memory usage by all programs reported by activity monitor, dont know what it means.


Same thing here. At first i thought it was not accurately reporting the used ram, however since osx says i have 10GB free, and some installers say there is 4gb availible, i would say it is in fact using a 5-6GB swap file, which is about what is shows for virtual memory. Not sure why.

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