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  1. vista rc1 on macbook results

    is the version you have rc1 or the 57xx that just came out? or is it an earlier one like beta 2.? My rc1 installed first try on my 12 gig partition so I don't know why it wouldn't install for you....hmm p.s. I also took out the sound drivers from the bootcamp cd today and now I got sound so everything works well!
  2. vista rc1 on macbook results

    ok I had some spare cash this week and put in a gig of ram and this enabled aero glass. I would of tried that earlier but i wasn't in a rush for ram. thanks for the input though! Using the 915 drivers is still a fix however for those like I was running 512 ram to be able to run your lcd native res without aero glass. the wddm 945 drivers will not work at all without the 1 gig so you'll get code 43, which is why I couldn't get 1280x800. has anyone else been able to native res without a gig? cuz I imagine for some people having your 915 driver replaced by the 945 everytime you update would be annoying after awhile, maybe you can switch windows update to manual and just pick the updates you need or something.......
  3. vista rc1 on macbook results

    yeah, so I installed rc1 not pre rc1, on a white macbook 1.83 low-end edition. everything works except isight, and mac keyboard stuff(eject key...etc) I think sound works but I installed during a lecture(class) so I dont know what kinda of problems I will have with it. the only thing that doesnt work correctly is aero glass or video for that matter. For whatever reason the included 945g express driver does not work and gives a code 43. I know there is a wddm lakeport driver from pre rc1, however it is not included in rc1( i searched around for it.). it will default you to vga but if you go to update video driver and select the 910gm/gms driver it will install and get rid of your error and also make the 945g not give you an error either. It's weird both video drivers are supposedly installed(giving two display icons in device manager) but from looking around it seems like the 910 xddm drivers are the ones functioning though. I thought I would say something about that since It was nice being able to run at least native res with 910 as oppose to 640 with vga. (since the 945g was not working) does anyone know of a solution for the vid driver issue. I didn't have time to search the entire forum so sorry if this is a widely known issue already. but yea just my experience with vista so far on boot camp 1.1 speeds good, wireless works great and my laptop doesnt seem to run any hotter in vista. (I have a macbook pro and running xp the laptop gets hotter) p.s. when I say 945g video, looking at intel's site, this would be the name of the driver for gma 950 since it's part of the 945g boards right? -
  4. Big cats can be friends on a MacBook Pro

    yeah...... I think I'm gonna hold out on installing, doesnt seem like there is anything worth checking out, I mean there is nothing for now that I couldn't just read about.....
  5. For those of you that record music and junk..... I haven't loaded logic pro yet, but it works with Itunes. Crackling noise happens though. I don't know why it happens here, but in windows xp with asio or under-powered macs (ie mac mini or older revision powerbooks) it happens when the computer can't send all the sound information through in time or correctly, this means the comp is just slow or the drivers are not functioning right. either way im going to add another 512 of ram to my box and load it onto a newer hard drive and apply tweaks and see if this fixes it. if not its probably a software issue and I'll just have to wait and see. p.s. this is besides the point but have any of you noticed the wierd and large ram usage numbers in activity monitor, some of the numbers go up to like 200 megs for programs. my specs: i915guxl board p4 2.66 sse3 512 megs of ram adaptec firewire cheap ass ethernet (connected to my xbox wireless) and some cheap ass dvd drive. everything is functional 3d to wireless connect. however sound works but does not show up in profile...but it works so whatever.