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motion 3.0.2 on kalyway Leo 1.5.2 / RAM preview / crash


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since 2 days I search a solution - maybe somebody can help me:


Motion 3 generally works unstable on my System, I had some crashes, but not only motion but the whole system so I need to restart.

I found a point where this can be reproduces: RAM preview.

Every time I render here it eats up my RAM and then it crashes. Not alyways at exactly the same point.

Even when the rendering worked, It crashes when I play the timeline.

Looks like a Hardware problem, I know - but I changed the RAM completely, set dowm CPU clock and RAM speed to get more secure timings but the problems remain.

Instability was on Leo 1.5.1, step by step I did system updates now:

- Kalyway 1.5.2 combo

- Vanilla Kernel

- Pro Kit update 4.5

but nothing gets better .. :-(


system works like a charm with other applications !

(o.k. I did no longer FCP tests yet, but it seems to be stable)





Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4

2 x NVIDEA Geforce NX7600GS silent / passive

NVinject 1.0 (from kaly 1.5.1 DVD, works well on 4 screens)

Leo 1.5.2 with kernel update ans all pro kit updates



testet 4 x 1 GB G.SKILL ( spec) and 2 x 2 GByte OCZ ( spec) on specifies and save settings.


has anybody a idea whats going wrong ?

can motion be limited in RAM usage somehow ? (there is nothing in the preferences, but maybe there is another way) ?


thanks in advance !

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4 gigs of ram is causing it to crash... i had similar problems... some applications would crash OSX during install, some when i run them. i have found a thread that many people have the same problem... After I removed one of 2 2gb ram chips all problems were gone. Haven't crashed since. Don't ask me why it happens. It just does :)

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yes, I did now a mixed config with 1 + 2 = 3 Gigs & it works.

In the installation area they talk about similar problems, it seems to be a bug togheter with the jmicron controller to get more than 3 Gigs.

the G35-DS4 does a kind of pseudo dual channel ("flex mode") to enhance memory performance against the single channel mode.

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