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M$ Wireless Optical Desktop Elite problem ...


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Hey people :idea:


here's the story ...


i got the 8F1111 img , patched it with the generic path 4.2b from JaS , burned it ... that all went fine ...

Inserted DVD into DVD drive , boot screen .. press any key ... pressed key , the installation screen came up ..

My mouse was recognized ! (Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0) Keyboard also recognized ... installing .. and so on ...

Now i rebooted my PC ...


Here comes the problem ! .... It just won't recognize my mouse and keyboard :idea: ...

How the hell is that possible ... i just don't understand ...


If someone can help me with this problem .. i own him/her one ..


Plz help me ..


Thx In Adnvance



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Using a powered hub between the computer and MS peripherals is a good idea.


OS X is *extremely* anal retentive about current drain on the USB ports and will shut them down if too much is being drawn through them. Usually there's an error message to that effect, but not always.


Even on my Mac Mini, microsoft KB and mouse (both wired) drew too much current and once the computer shut down the USB ports, I basically had to power off, wait, then power on again.


I ended up getting an Apple USB keyboard and a Logitech USB mouse. Later, I switched to Bluetooth.


Not only is Microsoft power hungry, their peripherals are too. :idea:

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Well guess what ...


I plugged both of the wires into the PS/2 sockets on my PC (using usb to ps/2 converter for mouse) , booted with the dvd in my drive , installed it ... and it works ! :gun:

But here's something i don't get ... i was typing something .. pressed the caps lock key ... and i couldn't type anymore :/


But hey , my keyb works 8)



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