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  1. TrackPad Support

    I have a similar problem with my laptop's trackpad. Very rarely, the mouse and keyboard become useless and I have to restart the PC to get it back to normal. I have no idea what causes this. Also the effects are random. Sometime the PC presses certain key combinations that effect certain programs only, or the mouse cannot control one program while it works fine in another. It's definitely some kind of bug.
  2. Maxtor Drives

    My Maxtor rating: I've had two maxtors die on me. One died after a year or two. The other died within one week. I generally stick with Seagate as I have 3 Seagate drives that have yet to fail on me. I think Seagate bought Maxtor, so hopefully the drive reliability improves. There are still some bad Maxtor drives in retail shops tho, since one of the ones that died on me was one I bought last month.
  3. Look at my Vaio specs in sig. The GeForce 7400 Go is incompatible with Titan and Natit on my system, so I use the Intel GMA 950 to get QE and CI. Also for those people who can't use the max resolution on their vaio: Go into the Sony Bios and change the display option to stretch to entire screen. If I do not have this option selected, my max res is something below 1280x800. However, with the option selected I get the full screen resolution of 1280x800.
  4. Bridged networking should work. I tried the JaS 10.4.8 on vmware and bridged network worked fine. However, I've uninstalled the virtual os until vmware offers some kind of vmtools support for os x.
  5. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Thanks for the fix. USB now working on nForce4 mobo (Shuttle XPC SN25P) in 10.4.8.
  6. i use the d-link, but i don't recommend it. mine actually works flawlessly with the replug patch, but before that it was a pain in the ass. one thing that still pisses me off about it is the wireless utility starts up everytime you start the pc. i don't understand why it can't startup in the background.
  7. DWL-G122 USB

    try using different channels until hopefully you find one that is stable. maybe you have some type of radio interference in the house? try mving the dwl-g122 away from the wall or any other electronic devices. also try moving your router away from the wall or any other electronic devices.
  8. My system not reboot!

    have you tried searching google for a tutorial on how to hex edit? there are tons of info on how to do this generally already. maybe you can even find one in your native language to make it easier for you. i don't think anyone really wants to type out a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this. if you have an idea of how to hex edit, the pictures already posted in this thread are all you need to do it.
  9. My system not reboot!

    I patched the kernel by using Hex Workshop. It worked fine for me...didn't have to change any flags.
  10. DWL-G122 USB

    Default is usually channel 6. Channel 7 works for me. Also in the network preferences, try manually setting the ip/subnet/gateway/dns to help improve stability. Finally, the drivers for this device are {censored} both in Windows and OSX. The drivers work best if you have encryption disabled.
  11. Attack of the Clones!

    Given the nature of this site, it's somewhat hypocritical to denounce the operations of the third world cloners. The only difference between their customers and most of the people on this site is that we built our own machine and installed the OS. So if you think about it, their customers are really only paying for the service of not having to go through the hassle of installing the OS and building the machine themselves. Also: I doubt that many 3rd world people were buying macs over pcs due to cost issues. Therefore each of these mac clone sales are likely impacting pirated Windows sales more than anything.
  12. I think there's more pressing issues than the dmca, but to stay on topic: The dmca is a response to the internet phenomenon which allows information to be shared cheaply among a huge number of people. Certain industries (i.e. music, movie, and software) have a right to see that their property is not distributed without just compensation, but they are going beyond that and using their "lobbying power" (read: money) to make sure that profits increase even though distribution costs decrease and copying data costs "nothing". Politics is a game. Big corporations are obsessed with making more money than the previous quarter/year. Many people are self-interested and/or ignorant of their hypocracy. True democratic governments don't exist on a national level. Governments use the media to tell their citizens, when possible, whatever they want them to hear while doing all types of distasteful acts behind the scene.
  13. Apple's EFI choice

    I partly agree with myzar. While it is true that Apple implements new technology, the cpuids and other restrictive implementations lead to the inference that Apple did not want OS X running on Dells. To claim that Apple used EFI only (or even primarily) because it's superior to bios isn't taking all factors into consideration.
  14. At boot, the device might not be activated. You'll have to unplug and replug it in for it to be detected by the OS.
  15. Thanks to the part of the U.S. Constitution dealing with inter-state commerce, it is often possible to buy things without paying tax. Right now, paying tax on out of state goods is basically on an "honor system." Congress is working on "fixing" this problem, however.