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Network speed help

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So i have had verion DSL for 3 years now and it had no problems up untill the past few months, it seems as though my network runs in 5-10 minute phases of fast than slow. For 10 Minutes it will be fast but than for 10 minutes it will be slow.

Do you think it is a problem with Verizon or something wrong with my network.


When i called they sent me a new router and said that maybe it got "hit with lighting"

that does not seem to have worked too well. would comcast be a better switch for me?

Or would buying something like airport extreme help my networks speed?


I also thought that maybe since my computer is a "Hackintosh" that it is somthing wrong with my computer, but the same thing happened with my PowerBook and Windows computer. All 3 worked fine untill a little while ago.

So if you have any feed back please help!


Thanls sooo much for all of your help guys and Gals!

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