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No sound, No graphics driver


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I installed Zephyroth's AMD Leopard 10.5.2 Rev 1 just fine on my Dell Inspiron 1501, it takes a while to boot up to it though, almost acts like it freezes, but i have to keep on moving my mouse (touchpad) for it to acknowledge the boot. A little mishap, but i can live with it.


Installed just fine, But i have no audio, maybe i forgot a kext? I am just unsure as to which one i need. As for my graphics, i cannot choose a different resolution, the only one available is 1024x768.


I believe i have a Sigmatel 9200, i installed the sound driver via Apple HDA, I have sound, but it comes out very choppy.


As for my graphics im running an ATI Xpress 1150, this is a widescreen laptop, so the native 1024x768 looks funky, and stretched.


I tried posting on Zeph's forums, No Help on the graphics side, but they helped me get the audio, well a push in the right direction you can say.


But as for the rest i am clueless, my xbench was a horrible 67.2. I remember reading something on how to increase you xbench score, but i am not sure if it was here?


Anywho, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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