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Hey guys!


Recently I have developed a need for a large-capacity CD/DVD case/wallet. I have mutiple movies and TV shows that I'd like to keep all in one place, especially my Stargate SG-1 Ultimate Collection; the cardboard packaging sucks! It's scratching the discs, making some of them so bad even my computer won't read it!


I need a large capacity; at least 200, preferrably more (I'd like to get all or almost all of my movies and TV shows in it to take to college next year). Sturdiness of sleeves, fabric and zipper is also a good thing.


I just found this one on Amazon: Nylon 304-capacity by Case-It. All of the large-capacity holders have at least one bad review, some more. The large-capacity ones on Amazon are mostly Case Logic; I'm going to do al Wal-Mart/Target run in the next couple of days and see what they have.


If anybody has any specific cases or brands feel free to share!


Thanks much,


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