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Well heres my latest project. So the full story is, I downloaded an iATKOS v1.0i ISO from BrokenStones, and it said in the description that the MD5 didn't verify but it still worked. So what I did was I downloaded the ISO and I patched it with the R2 PPF. Then I checked the MD5 and sure enough, it didn't match but I tried booting it anyway and it kept looping at the Press any key to install message. But I don't think it was because the MD5 didn't match, because others whose MD5 DID match are having the same problem. I also tried Equate's R3 patch but no go, same problem.


What I am going to do now is:


1) Rip the ISO from my iATKOS R2 DVD I burned (Done)

2) Undo the PPF patch with PPF O Matic

3) Test the 1.0i ISO in VMware

4) If it works I'm gonna burn it to DVD and install


ARGH---No undo patch data available so I cant undo the patch ;)

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