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error still waiting for root device


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I tried to install 10.5.2 but now i get "Still waiting for root device"

I have all Sata i can't use IDE

with 10.5.1 i could get to the part to format my hd but now i can't do anything

it is a nforce chipset

the computer is a dell inspiron 531

The Inspiron 531 uses a motherboard manufactured by Gigabyte (arguably an ASUS board) for Dell. It uses a nVidia nForce 4 chipset with an on-board video card. It also has on-board sound (Realtek) and an on-board gigabit NIC. It has one PCIe x16, One PCIe x1, and two PCI card slots. It has four DIMM memory slots, and four SATA connectors. The 531 motherboard does not support PATA or IDE drives without the use of a third-party controller.


anyway to fix this



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