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  1. leo4all? MAYBE a new version?

    Thanks for the points and feedback
  2. leo4all? MAYBE a new version?

    Started working on a New LEO4ALL Release!!!
  3. Been quit a few years since I have had anything to do with Mac let alone OS X. Well a few weeks ago I decided to purchase a MacBook Pro. And I start to remember the fun/good times making osx86 and messing with Leo4All. I am really thinking of doing a comeback and making a Leo4All release of AMD/Intel again! But one problem!! I don't own an AMD machine anymore (Well I have a simple AMD laptop) But as I recall laptops and osx86 didn't mesh well. Maybe that has change?! I don't know I am still doing research on this whole project!!. So Before for I begin as people that have been in the scene of osx86. I could use your input of feedback for what you would like to see for support in this release. EXAMPLES: driver support, if you want 3rd party apps in the installer. stuff like that. I will consider all suggestion. And I as I get closer to a working release that will boot up and install on my intel pc. I will be starting a beta test phase and will be looking for people to help test it and give feedback. I will update this post as the project starts and gets going and will update this post when signups are starting for beta testers. Thanks for reading and can't wait to see what people would like to see in the NEW LEO4ALL Distro release. bhast2
  4. Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    Yes that is true I no longer have leopard or snow leopard installed and I don't do support for anything with Apple as I am on Windows 7 (by far better than Leopard) and I am doing customizing for that. One day I might be back but right now I am having to much fun doing my thing with Win7. Leopard and all that stuff got boring it was too easy to keep it running on my system.
  5. [VS] ElegantBlack Beta Windows 7

    RC Released with a few fixes Still working on the frame for the explorer Window and I am working a new browser Arrows for the theme so it will be a complete theme and I am working on the top and left and right taskbar so no matter where you put the taskbar it will be complete and working on the taskbar for small icons too Download at the same link
  6. Here is a VS I worked on for the past couple days to get it to beta So I decide to release a beta today as it is the day that Windows 7 gets released and i wanted to give something on this day to people that just bought the OS. Credits to the right people are on the Deviantart Page!!!!!!
  7. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    does it work with AMD???
  8. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    Froze up the system have a Athlon x2 5000+ which I believe is a k10 and after I did a hard restart I couldn't boot back up it froze at where it says VoodooPower in -v -f boot Had to boot into single usermode to remove kext to beable to boot again And I couldn't boot into Safe mode either
  9. Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    @ThawkTH what is your system specs pry can get this worked out for ya
  10. 10.5.6 DONT STEAL MAC....

    put the RC voodoo kernel in / and than reboot so download the RC kernel from their site if you need it let me know rename it to mach_kernel.rc (or something like like) boot with the flag mach_kernel.rc and it will sync up and allow you to boot up than you can go back to the released version of the kernel
  11. 10.5.6 Released!

    use a efi string
  12. Custom Boot Screen (chameleon mod)

    he is writing or making a video to edit the boot picture
  13. Custom Boot Screen (chameleon mod)

    does this support dsdt.aml file
  14. Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    because that one auto installs
  15. With all my testing in games this is the only game that will not work and I love this game So now I play it is windows yes it is a bummer