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Quisiera tener Leopard 10.5.2 en mi PC, pero no se que elegir, solo el nombre de la imagen o un link por MP porfa.


Mi PC es:


Placa base: MSI K8MM3-V

Procesador: AMD Sempron64 3000+ (s. 754, 1.8 GHz) (posiblemente lo cambie a un Athlon64)

T. gráfica: [Powercolor] ATi Radeon X1650 PRO (AGP, 512mb)

Tarjeta PCI 1: Conceptronic Wi-Fi

Tarjeta PCI 2: AverMedia AverTV TVCapture '98


Disco duro 1: Samsung HD501LJ (S-ATA, datos y Ubuntu, querria instalar Mac aquí)

Disco duro 2: Western Digital CaviarSE 320GB (IDE, Windows Vista y back-up, swap mac)

Disco duro 3: Seagate Barracuda 160GB (USB, Mac OS X Leopard (no arranca))

Impresora: HP Photosmart C3180

Teclado y ratón PS2


Lector DVD: GDR-8162B de LG




Otros: Bluetooth, lector de tarjetas



Ayudadme por favor, gracias de antemano.


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Zephyroth AMD 10.5.2 Rev.1 en la bahía del pirata



- EFI v.8

- Kernel 9.2.0 + System.kext + dsmos.kext

- Kernel 9.1.0

- No more ifcstart crash during installation process.

- No more Lan Freezes whilst using nForce LAN.

- MBR Bootloader has been fixed.

- PS2Controller has been fixed.

- Includes Marvins AMD Utility, Onyx and TextMate. No other third party applications (except if a lot of people ask for it)

- Includes the following audio drivers:

- AppleAC97Audio

- AzaliaAudio

- ALCinject-883

- ALCinject-888

- Includes Zephyroths NVIDIA Universal Installer with the latest kexts from Graphic Update.

- Includes drivers for ATI :

- Radeon HD 38x0, 3800, 2900, 2600 and 2400.

- Radeon X19x0.

- Radeon X1600.

- Includes fix for iTunes.

- Includes the following network drivers :

- LAN : forcedeth and skge.

- WiFi : Broadcom (BCM4306,4309,4318,4320 and 4324), Ralink RT73 and RT2500 and Zydas ZD1211/ZD1215.

- Languages: ALL

- Updates:

- Modified Security Update and Remote Desktop Client

- 10.5.2 Update + Graphic Update

- Quicktime 7.4.1

- iLife Update

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