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No SATA DVD ROM after update of 10.5.2


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After the update of Kalyway 10.5.1 EFI / Mbr with Kalyway combo update to 10.5.2 afterwards Kernal update followed by graphics update i have a nice running 10.5.2. So far so good. Motherboard is a GA-DS3 with ICH9 running AHCI with two SATA Harddrives and a SATA Samsung DVD Burner all on yellow ports.

Everything runs perfectly fine except sometimes shutdown issues.

Under 10.5.1 all three Sata ports were running fine. I know there are issues with the ICH9 not showing the last to ports. But this was working perfectly under 10.5.1. Now under 10.5.2 my Sata DVD is gone and does not show up.

I replaced already :






So i want my DVD drive back, any idea how this can be made possible ?



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