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The install goes fine, says to reboot, it doesn't see hd. Boot to dvd again, and do the -v option and it hangs on waiting for system root. I go back to a windows boot, repartition drive and then reboot to the dvd and it finds the drive fine and i can install again. Same thing happens, once the install is done it doesn't seem to like the drive anymore. I have done this with ide and sata drives. I do a format with Mac 0s in utilities program with mbr. I am using atkos v1.0ir3. What am i doing wrong?

System specs are

EVGA 680i SLI board, nforce

intel core 2 duo

3gb Ram

Geforce 8800gtx

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what you are doing wrong is you either not following the instructions proparly or your sata drive is not compatible with nforce ata on the drive!


use ide drive, for mac and your sata for windows, and do dual booting...


it s not very hard to find dual booting information on IM just search...


i will explain for xp, for vista you do it yourself... (as it requires more specific steps)

for xp,

put your os x dvd into the dvd drive

go to your dvd drive

you will see a file named chain0, copy it to your xp installed partition (c:\)

if c: is your xp installation, you will see a file named boot.ini (if system/hidden files are disabled from folder options)

open boot.ini

go to an blank line after all the text in the file...

write the below text on that blank line

c:\chain0="OS X"


and save the files thats it, at boot it will bring up a menu to switch from xp to osx...


inside quotes you can type anytg you wanna see in the boot... it s just a text message will appear on the boot menu...


good luck...

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i'm not dual booting. I use a stand alone ide drive and installed leopard to it...install went succesful. It then says to reboot. It then comes up disk error. I put the install dvd back in and it hangs on waiting for system root. My question is why does it successfully install and then I can't do anything with it.

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