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[fixed] Install failure - Kalyway DVD


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Hello All,


DVD: Kalyway DVD 10.5.1

Chip: Intel Duo Core 6300

Motherboard: Asrock Conroe Xfire

HDD1: Sata with XP on it

HDD2: IDE HDD set as master, have a 30 gig fat32 partion on it. Was an old XP drive, reformatted it in XP and then asigned it a drive letter and made it active.

Benq 1620 DVD RW drive set as slave (although its at the top of the IDE chain)


Right, here goes.


Downloaded and wrote iso to DVD, when viewing the DVD in windows, it only tells me its about 192kb big but the entire dvd is written too.


Anyway, started up, darwin boots up and the OS X springs into life. It does some checks for intergragity of the DVD which is passes. I select english and off it goes. It then presents this screen:




and I then i selected the IDE drive, it comes back to the above screen and I press install and then the next screen is OSX installing and it stops. A few minutes later it tells me something along the lines of "file not found in /volume/apple/" and quits.


I never saw this screen:




Have I missed something, or a simple step? Since it passes its intergrity check, it would appear the dvd is ok, but I am a tad lost.


Please help





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