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Prob installing Kalyway 10.5.1 with VIA chipset


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guyz  i am a super noob. so at 1st i am saying sorry for asking old answered questions again.


i just started with MAC today.  a friend of fine gave me a bootable dvd of kalyway 10.5.1.


my system spec:


Pentium D 3.0 Ghz




2 GB 667 Mhz DDR2


XFX Geforce 8400 GS  256 MB








Hitachi 250 GB SATA


Maxtor 80 GB ATA


Liteon DVD Writer SATA





i have my XP in SATA HDD. i booted pc with kalyway dvd in the DVD writer. then pressed F flag. it was loading the extensions. then at 1 point it showed


AppleVIAATADriver: VIA Unknown


then it waited for 30-40 secs and showed Still waiting for root device.


after that i booted in pc searched the google and this forum. found lots of answers. but as its my 1st attempt at MAC many things i cant understand.   what i got is that i need to use AppleVIAATA.kext to get my installation done.  but i dont know how to patch my dvd. do i need to make an iso from the dvd and then patch it?? could any 1 please put me on the rite way so that i can start working.   BTW  my ATA HDD is on Primary Master.  cheerz guyz

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thnx for the reply the_fantasma. i have been searching google and this forum for last 24 hrs. i more or less know what is causing my prob. the 1st thing i have to do to solve my prob is add AppleViaAta.kext in the dvd. but i cant fnd how to make image of the bootable dvd , then add the files in the iso and then re-write the dvd.

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this ebios error is driving me crazy. doesnt matter how many times i re-burn, how many tyoes of media i use every time it shows same error. btw guyz, 1 thing. how do u make iso from the mac dvd?? caz my friend sent me a dvd which boots well but it shows still waiting for device as my mobo is via chipset based. so i ripped the dvd with nero and patched it my modified ktext. but it can be that my rip procedure wasnt good and so the iso is corrupted. isnt it?? so cud any1 plz tell me which software u sue to make the iso from dvd?? cheerz

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