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Perfect Leopard Setup.


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I got a ECS 945GCT-M (v2.0).

at first i was disappointed that i got a v2.0, but it turns out that the 2.0 is the only one that supports 4gbs of ram :) so currently i have an e4400. but since i cant over clock, im probably getting an e6600. anyways.

i think this is a great, cheap set up. without the G5 case and water cooling, this build only cost me maybe 300-400 bucks:

ECS 945GCT-M(v2.0)

Core 2 Duo E4400

Crucial 4GB 667MHz Ram

nVidia 7300gt(not for long)


it runs super stable. not a crash yet, kalyway with efi+MBR. and it wasn't that expensive. and has way more power than ill use(im just a spoiled 13 year old =])


for anyone looking for a cheap yet fast build. i totally recommend it.

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Heh good job, (14 year old here :P) I've gotten Tiger Installed on a Comapq EVO D510 SFF w/ 1.0GB of ram... Tiger works nicely, could use some overclocking/BIOS mods, but it's pretty stable! can't wait until I can grab that SSE2 Leo DVD, ahh 3% complete in 12 hrs... Just got to wait an other 360 hrs :blink: ...


Well Cheers!



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