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"Install was unable to complete"?


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I tried installing Kalyway's 10.5.1 on my dell 9400 yesterday, and it got to the end of the installation and it gave me a message that it could not copmlete. This is what I did to install it:


1. press f8 at the darwin screen and type cpus=1(it works a lot better with it) -v

2. Select Vanilla kernal, sse2, and the guid thing from bootloaders(seeing as how i have a windows xp partition with 30g, and an 80g partition in HFS+ format for mac.)

3. wait for the install to finish, and when it completed it gave me the erroe mesage. It said it could not complete.


Why is this happening? I was able to get tiger(10.4.8, and kalyway's 10.4.10) to work(or at least install and boot porperly) before.


System specs:

ATI Radeon x1400

Sigmatel 9200

2gb ram

Centrino Duo processor

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You should not install both together!



Track09 your getting smarter everyday!! :P:D:D



You can't run Vanilla kernel with SSE2, unless something drastic has changed that I don't know.


You have a Centrino Duo, that should have SSE3, so you shouldn't need the SSE2 patches.

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