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Disk Insertion Error


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Strange matter occured on my fresh install - Leo+Vanilla


I got 2 HDD's in my Notebook. 1HDD. EasyBCD+Vista, 2HDD has Leopard - and everything seems ok!


But one thing for sure is strange - Wheen Leopard startup (i see desktop already) - Vista HDD can not be mounted or accesed this note occur:


[Disk Insertion The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer (initialize)(ignore)(eject)]


I dont know why this occur (before this installation there where no problem), atm this is fresh Leo install, hade to do fresh cuz i made mistake with update 10.5.2 from apple directly sick :) .


For me it's just not so big problem, i do not need Vista HDD icon on Leopard desktop :P , but the notification itself is annoying

ps. I even installed NTFS driver for solve it, didn't help.


?somone got idea what could be?


1.Is there a way editing framework for deleting this notice or solving problem?

2.Disk Warrior i didnt try it, it could destroy my Vista partition i think.

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