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  1. Yes but Veracrypt seems to have fixed bugs in truecrypt. UPDATE: I have done FileVault, it works alright. I wonder if in that way i could do encryption in different places "other than users"
  2. Okay thanks. I will try something different olso, there on net is a Truecrypt preboot authentication with USB serial number stick, there can be a key on usb stick for example olso. So it could be olso a solution. Thanks for your time, mate.
  3. How about if i change my account password in rescue mode, how theen filevault behaves ?
  4. Okay but Filevault is asking for password before you login ? - If i encrypt home directory it cant be accessed wheen i login with that user ? Can i use Filevault 1 with El Capitan, replace Filevault 2 ?
  5. I ma having trouble to setup some solution that could encrypt whole drive or partition for my most important files. I need to encrypt Users directory along with Applications, the problem is i NEED and WANT to enter password each time i want to access encrypted data, so i have been reading and testing in to this subject, Filevault 2 is not working wheen it comes to Fulldisk encryption /clover, creating encrypted partition based is olso not option because i can't mount partition before i login, there is bash script to mount such partition in the time wheen i login in, but it is lose case because it takes already stored password in keychain and i don't what that. I WOULD need to enter password manually every time. Veracrypt and Truecrypy is olso no go because i can access files only after login is done, that way all my files and icons are not avaliable yet and User directory changes back to last known. So it does not work properly that way. In MS Windows i got preboot authentication wich is working well and awesome. Does anybody have solution to such case ?
  6. Well i got my own Hackintosh installed on Rampage Black Edition Asus motherboard. All works wonderfully and I was wondering. Is there a method to: 1. so CD tray of my recorder could stay closed, it always open wheen OSX starts. 2. there are always untitled1, untitled2 till untitled5 wich is cdrom on desktop - i wonder why and how to delete theem. If I remove theem they will return on next bootup.
  7. Tell me if this config will work good for pure retail OSX ? Board: Foxconn Blood RAGE Proc: Core i7 920 Mem: 3GB Corsair Hdisk: 70GB SAS 15000k Graphic: Ati Radeon HD 4800 (2monitors) + Radeon 4350 (for 2more monitors) wonders....
  8. Discuss 8400M GT for Vaio only

    I got VGN-AR51M with 8400M GT, svideo, vga, hdmi - How can i help ?