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[GUIDE]Zephiroth's Mac OS X 10.5.1 on External USB Hard Disk.


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Zephiroth's Mac OS X 10.5.1 on SSE2 and SSE3 External USB Hard Disk .(PC with VISTA and XP on Dual Boot).



Read carefully !!!





This guide wouldn't be here without the help two big osx86 communities: osx86scene.com, insanelymac.com ,offcourse Zephiroth for his DVD and the irc #osx86. I only gathered all information and put it together in one easy to read guide.




1.These guides assume that you have a prepatched disk (aka.TOH).

2.Windows Installed on internal HDD.





1.AMD SSE2 or SSE3 only (Check Usin CPU-Z).

2.TOH 10.5.1 DVD(ahem from the right places).

3.An External HDD (8gigs or more).

4.A USB Keyboard And Mouse.




Actual Guide.


1.Format the External Hd to HFS+ using Transmac.

2.Download the TOH 10.5.1 ISO and burn it on a dvd at max speed.

3.Restart and boot the DVD .You may have to change your BIOS settings to alow booting from a DVD.

4.Since Our Hd is already formatted so we directly install.

5.Follow all installation steps on your screen.

6.Click Next on the OS X installer

7.Click Customize and uncheck everything.

8.First uncheck extra fonts and then expand the languages option and uncheck French.

9.Click OK

10.Now click Install

11.Mac will now install

12.After installation is complete, you will need to make the partition bootable(u could use a linux live cd or use the OSX DVD to boot and edit thru the terminal) and if it boots after this then skip to step 16.

13.If External Hdd does not boot then insert DVD and press f8 and type rd=diskXsX (X is ur disk on which OSX is installed and the second one is on which the OSX partition is installed).

14.If it does then open terminal and type usr/misc/script.sh Leopard (if you named the partition 'Leopard', if you gave it another name, replace 'Leopard' with your name).

15.Leopard should start booting now! ,you can use it now, if you get a kernel panic then Boot into your BIOS and disable SpeedStep. Try to boot Leopard now, still not working? Try to boot it in safe mode (type -x in the command line). if it's still not working,then:-

16.Boot the DVD .Open new terminal window.

Type sudo nano /library/preferences/systemconfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist.

17.You should now be able to boot your Mac partition

18.Follow the onscreen instructions to setup your user account .

19.After that is complete, you now have a functional Mac OS X system running on your AMD.




Test System.


AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+


2GB Corsair DDR2 800Mhz RAM.

EVGA 8400GS.

Realtek High Defination Audio.

WD 160GB External USB HDD(Passport).




Extra Driver Files.







Known Issues.






Vendor and Device ID's.





How To'S.






This is my first Guide ,so sorry if i missed anything!!!....


Contact MTG in IRC if u got any Questions.

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