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iControl Interface for GarageBand

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iControl Interface for Mac OS X and GarageBand



Hi guys! I was thinking about buying this sweet controller for GarageBand. I am really into it, so I thought this would be a great fit.


- Does anybody have a nice review they could share?

- Is it worth $100 USD?

- Does it work well?

- Is it Firewire or USB?

- And, Are there any other ports on it, or anything that I should know about that I can't find online?


Thanks guys! I appreciate it a lot!


(Its for a Hackintosh, so will it even work?)

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It uses USB. It should work with Hackintosh no problem. You should decide yourself if you wanna plonk down the ca$h for it. You could also get a generic USB midi controller with knobs or sliders, like this one by Behringer. It does a similar job!


Here are two links with info and review to help you out:



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