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kalyway video issue 8600M GT 256Mo


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Hi insanely mac users,


Got Kalyway on vaio sony ar51su and 8600M GT 256Mo video card


Just after kalyway 10.5.1 : no acceleration


tried update 10.5.1, solved the shutdown but not the video


tried update 10.5.2 + and - kernels



nvinject 15 to 21

mobile nvidia pkg

punk 92

V31, 32 and 33 @ scottdangel

10.5.2 + installer

official mac video graphic update 1.0



ALWAYS black screen

OsX seems to boot and run behind the black screen of my laptop, but I can't fix anything...


I got

LCD full HD

VGA out

HDMI out

S-video in and out

TV tuner hybrid : Hz + TNT


Looks like I need to switch between them, but how ?



How the hell that video card not recognised, as it is present on mac book pro 15 and 17" ?

Chipset may be different and/or video out ?


Does anyone have any idea ?



Is there any hardware listing with drivers like in windows ?


Have a good week-end.


Hybrid user (osX + vista)

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Still got a black screen, BUT, using v33 installer : VGA out OK but lcd off


My question : is there a solution to get lcd instead of vga out (obviously, in the displak preferences, no other screen is detected...)


Great houra for that !


PS there is a trick, by plugging small pins in the vga out (headless mac article). May it give a solution or may i crawl through nvcap modifications...


a good day for all of you

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pcsonyvaio did you managed to get this sorted?


I have installed kalyway 10.5.1 and nvinstaller v41 (from scottdangel.com/blog) installed on my sony vaio laptop vgn-fz21z (nvidia 8600m gs with 256mb) and I'm getting the same black screen on the laptop display but the external vga is working fine?


I used the


NVinject option for laptops (’M’ or ‘go’ nVidia chipsets)

but didn't select the 10.5.2 option as I'm running 10.5.1 at the moment.


total noob at osx .. so any help would be great.


my full spec is here....




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I'm another SONY VAIO VGN-AR51SU user.


And I also have problems with AUDIO(no sound) and VIDEO(other drivers give me black screen).


Managed to fix my Ethernet. Now it works fine.


If you know how to FIX audio and video drivers problems for SONY VAIO please help!




I tried to find out what is my sound, can't find out my SOUND cards exact model

This is general info comes up when I use EVEREST or SiSoftware:


AVerMedia Hybrid H/W MPEG Card, M115s (DVBT/NTSC/PAL/SECAM)

Realtek High Defenition Audio

SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC

Sony 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller



My Video :




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I have a Sony Vaio FZ21S with nvidia 8600GS and with last drivers i get external monitor working at all but the lcd can't be used, always black.

How can we activate the lcd internal?

Currently i have using vesa (no drivers) to use lcd but the aceleration is not working.


Any help will be grate!


Thanks you

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