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Account Creation Stuck


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Okay guys so all my other problems are now null and void. I'm using "iATKOS_AMD_Patched.iso" from MN. Well I got it almost complete.. but it seems to not want to load the account creation page?I had a kernel panic which was fixed (intelCPUPowerManangment) but now I get to the Account Creation part (like the DVD install) with the white BG and the Grey apple with loading screen.. and it just doesn't go any farther..Tips?Proccessor: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ONLY REASON FOR DOUBLE POST IS TO UPDATE WITH AN IMAGE OF THE ERROR from -vhttp://sixpop.com/images/file/69786494.jpg

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A little help since I'm new.. how do I move a kext? Like what would I type under -s


Read my KALYWAY how-to before it(look at sig)


and If You have stalled window - reset machine and boot from install DVD

then go into Terminal

and type in it


cd /Volumes/your_boot_HDD/System/Library/Extensions

mkdir ../Extensions.disabled

mv IONetworkingFamily.kext ../Extensions.disabled/



After bios POST press F8 button and boot with options

-f -v


Will this fix all my problems on the screenshot?




If You can Boot into KALYWAY DVD Install program - You can replace Your installed Extensions folder with the same from the DVD and with em it is possible to boot into Installed Leopard but with a limited hardware support

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can Your hardware boot from any Leo install DVD?


Yes. I was in terminal and typed out the commands you told me to, and it froze. So I hand restarted and still have the same error. Can I just remove IONetworkingFamily.kext ?


Yes - You can, but You will need it in feature - so do backup


Using my how-to You can delete Your Extensions folder from HDD and Copy working folder from DVD so after reboot You can boot from HDD with a DVD kext configuration

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