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Update to all MSI P965 Neo users


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Yeah! At least i've managed to get rid of everyone's pain in the ... eye problem /com.apple.Boot.plist. No i couldn't install OSX but i think it's a starting point. Interested?? Read below:


THIS IS FOR ALL MSI P965 NEO USERS! Other brand P965 hardware is out of my knowledge


First: GET A SATA DVD READER/BURNER!! USB Dvd drives still (especially IDE in the external box models) still gives the /com.apple... error.


Second: Unplug all IDE HDD/Optic drives off the ports. And leave the first (dark blue) SATA port empty (cuz it is the Jmicron controlled drive port)


Third: Disable the LAN Option Rom from ur BIOS (this is to prevent OSX try to boot from a netwoork drive/address otherwise it may give Ethernet PXE client related error)


Now all set up, try booting a X86 install dvd. You should not see the /com.apple.Boot.plist anymore. If u are lucky you may start installing osx.


This is where my other problems have begun. First i tried to boot Kalyway 10.5.1 and got an EBIOS error. No quick F8 method was workin'. Then i put a Jas 10.4.8 SSE2/3 PPF Patched DVD and it gave same EBIOS too. Luckily i have many other X86 dvds, i tried an old 10.4.5 and HELL YEAH!!! Grey apple was seen, then it crashed :( (at least it asks if i want to install OSX and counts down)


Tried F8 -v and saw that it gives another famous error Still waiting for root device

All my other DVDs (10.4, 10.4.1, 10.4.5, 10.4.6, 10.4.8 etc God! i have many :P) was no go.


But this is a step right?? Next time i'll try unpluggin hdds, turning all ACPI, on board sound ethernet etc options off.

If you have a similar story please share it here maybe we can make it :D


PS: I'll keep you updated and the one who wrote this mobo compatible on HCL 10.5.1 PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! I'M DYING HERE :P

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I think it should be disabler (not used) if you delete JMI....KEXT.

Also AppleVIAATA.KEXT must be deleted (There are Dev. IDs of JM in the plist).

You yould make an backup of those 2 before you delete them.

If non of them exist, OS X cant load any of the JM drivers.

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