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ATI 3850 Fix Required. 10.5.2 + Graphics Update Broken


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First off, thanks a ton to everyone's hard work and the wealth of information provided here and on other forums! My system is up and running well with 10.5.2, except for a few video issues, and corrupted video output after the graphics update. The configurations below are just off the top of my head. I can update with more details later on, including BIOS setup, if required.



- Intel Quad Core 6600 2.4GHz (System Profiler recognizes all 4 cores)


- 3GB DDR2 RAM (SP shows 800Mhz)

- SATA WDC 7200RPM 250GB (disk0, HFS+ Journaling enabled)

- SATA WDC 7200RPM 250GB (disk1, NTFS)


- IDE LG DVD-RW, JMicron controller (can't boot install DVD, probably never will)

- TrendNet PCI Ethernet 10/100

- USB 2.0 PCI

- Sapphire ATI 3850 512MB

- Samsung 19" 932b connected via DVI (also tried DVI2VGA adapter)


Software and Installation Method:

Leopard 10.5.2 (SATA0):

- Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD boot from SATA ROM

- used Disk Utility to create 1 MBR partition on dedicated HD named with a single-word (eg. "Leopard")

- MBR installation, default network driver, P5K sound driver, no graphic driver chosen (booting with either ATI x19xx or x1xx0 drivers caused hangs on the gray Apple screen, although there was music heard from the Mac setup process)

- SSE2 not chosen

- used Terminal to flag disk0s0 just to be on the safe side

- updated using patched 10.5.2 .dmg (online Software Update crashes). boots fine and runs without major problems

- online graphics update installs successfully but video is corrupted on reboot


Windows Vista Home Premium (SATA1):

- preinstalled; works fine



- onboard USB (sometimes fails to start from first boot; re-plug and play works)

- Internet

- Shutdown (slow, sometimes locks)

- Sound

- 2D Video (looks very fuzzy on full screen, but that could be the lack of higher resolution)


[/u]Not Working Properly or Unsupported[/u]:

- Core Image (software only)

- Quartz Extreme (unsupported)

- Monitor resolution changes !! I still can't figure this one out. I don't know what file or .plist to edit in order to force the change.

- Quartz window was black during OpenGL tests. XBench score was a lowly 86.

- 3D game acceleration (Last attempt was with Tropico, which refused to go full screen and was mostly unresponsive)



- onboard Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000

- LAN (with a QuickSilver 2K G4 running 10.4.11 and a Toshiba Satellite running Windows Vista Home Premium)

- Wake and Sleep states (Last wake from sleep had no video response)

- Installation using Leopard retail DVD

- DVD movies

- Dual Boot (Currently have to use F8 to manually choose either drive. Booting from either by setting BIOS default works fine. EasyBCD can't see drive F. I have not tried creating a small Windows partition on the Mac drive.)


* * * *


Now that's out of the way... I need help please!! :D



[/u]Current Issues[/u]:

- menus are semi-transparent, although I can read them all fine (is this normal in Leopard?)

- need some way of changing monitor resolution; stuck at 1024x768; XResSwitch (?) doesn't work

- VGI2VGA adaptor has no effect on enabling resolution changes via Displays control panel

- dual monitor is fine; desktop is mirrored, but no way of using extended desktop

- no Core Image hardware acceleration

- no Quartz Extreme support

- I need to know what .kext to install and/or which .plist to edit in order to enable higher resolutions and turn on CI and QE

- the ATI control panel I currently use on my G4/Tiger system doesn't recognize any ATI hardware on this setup

- screen is nothing but a semi-checkered pattern of black, white, and multicolored rectangles; as far as I could tell, there was no response to keyboard or mouse at that point; had to use hard restart


* I've read about changing the devID of the video card ROM, but I don't want to resort to that, as it makes the card incompatible with Vista. I've also read about changing the devID string in a .kext/.plist, but I don't know which one(s) to install/remove/edit.


Any help would be greatly and tremendously appreciated!


Thanks again to all!! :D

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