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I am working on a custom build of OS X.


It's been a while since anyone has worked with 10.4.3, however this is the version I am going to start with, since this is the first real build of Intel OS X with Universal Binaries.


For starters, I am trying to fix QE/CI. I will be working on EFI and Stock kernel replacing after this.


At the moment I have been working with kext and frameworks from 10.4.8.


I have copied all the graphics drivers from .8 to .3.


I also copied Quartz, QuartzCore and OpenGL.frameworks.


All files have been chown -R root:wheel, chmod -R 755, and have fixed permissions in diskutil.


I installed Natit.kext for X1300, since that is the card I am working with. I also have 9550 and 7500 on hand!


QE/CI are enabled on this card now, however now it boots to login window. I put my password in and it drops back into darwin in console login mode, and will repeat that cycle over and over.


I believe it has something to do with OpenGL.frameworks as this hasn't happened until I replaced it. It's possible a .plist could hault going to desktop....... Working on it.


If this work's, it is very possible AGP will be recognized instead of PCI, hense the reason for AGPGart.


DVD playback should work with AGP initialization on the card wether you have SSE2 or SSE3.


Any Idea's?


P.S. This thread will be for the delevopment purposes listed above ONLY!!!



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How do you mean Universal Binaries? If you mean executables for both PowerPC and Intel architectures, I can't see a point for that.. Do you mean able to take as many types of hardware as possible? Because there are infinite problems with that..

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Hmm.. Yes I certainly see what you mean but that does hold a lot of problems.. The first one that springs to mind is graphics card, if you install more than onedriver for it it mucks the system up, and there isn't a universal graphics card driver.. If you included all the drivers available for graphics card at the moment, the options would be too scary..


I could work, with a LOT of work

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I can see it being work, but not a LOT of work.


Just like any software vendor, there is a minimum requirements table that has to be applied to hardware.


I just got done creating universal driver's for DVD Playback. The minimal requirement is SSE2.


Look at my other post.



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