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  1. No need to delete Dropbox. Go in to /Applications/Dropbox/Contents/Resources/ and delete the file FinderLoadCM. If you can't do this on startup because Dropbox starts up before you can delete the file, you will have to delete it in single user mode (-s boot flag).
  2. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    Silly me. I never tried replacing the graphics kexts from 10.5.6 to my current 10.5.7 install. Booted in to an install DVD, removed all the NV* and Ge* kexts in my extensions folder, and replaced them with all NV* and Ge* kexts from my 10.5.6. Then re-installed NVinject/NVkush (they both work fine for me). All solved.
  3. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    With the iDeneb update to 10.5.7, I'm getting kernel panics using Adium and Candybar; it seems to be when an animation is about to be performed, although it's only theses apps that cause panics. Things like Dashboard are fine. The problem seems similar to this guy's problem. I've uploaded three panics here (you'll have to change the extension to just .zip, apologies for the hosting problem). Two are with v1.3 of this kernel, one is v1.4: all three panics are the same cause though. What's strange about the panics is that my model seems to be 'Macmini2,1', but I set 'Macpro3,1' in my boot arguments, and on a verbose boot I get a lot of messages saying that macmodel has been set to 'Macpro3,1'. I was originally using NVinject and heard that this could cause problems, so I'm now using NVkush, but the problem persists. I have also tried deleting all nVidia kexts (NV*, Geforce) apart from NVkush, but QE/CI was disabled and my resolution was limited to 1024x800. Not sure what else to try really. Perhaps trying to use AGPGart type kext would help? Cheers
  4. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    Well... After installing this again, after restoring my old (ruined!) install from a TM backup, this worked. I installed it, rebooted, and got a black screen with no message. Went in to XP, which has MacDrive installed, copied my IONetworkingFamily kext from my kext backup to my partition, reboot in to OS X, got the usual restart, and then when it booted again, it all worked. Marvelous!
  5. Backup OS X partition to ntfs partition

    SuperDuper! is a really good disk backup system. Carbon Copy Cloner is another one. Each one can create full disk image backups of your system that Disk Utility can restore from incase something goes wrong. However.. Firstly you'll have to think of a way to get these disk images, once they're made, on to your NTFS partition (something like MacFUSE should do the job nicely) The big problem after that is that I don't *think* that Disk Utility, when booted from an install DVD, will mount NTFS partitions. So if something does go wrong, you can't just boot Disk Utility from an install DVD and restore your image. Saying that, I'm not 100% that Disk Utility doesn't mount them; boot an install dvd and see. If it doesn't mount NTFS partitions, I'd recommend an external hard drive with an HFS+ partition. I have a ~200GB partition with OS X on it, but it's only got ~50GB full. So what I do is use SuperDuper! to create a full backup image, and put that image on to an external HFS+ partition. I use the same partition for my Time Machine backups. This is risky though because if your Time Machine partition fails, you've lost two backups. A bit rambly, but hopefully that helps.
  6. Restoring from a Time Machine HD

    Using the excellent BatCHmod, I re-kerjiggered all the permissions of the files from the Time Machine HD using these settings:
  7. I'm looking for the Safari beta 4 disk image Apple originally had up. The one that's up now makes you install 10.5.7 which I can't do. I had to do a system re-install a day ago and lost Safari 4, which I much prefer over 3. Cheers!
  8. Restoring from a Time Machine HD

    No, the disk is corrupt and Disk Utility won't fix it. Was one of the first things I tried though. Thanks for the suggestion though
  9. I had a problem with my Time Machine HD, it became corrupt. I re-installed OS X for another reason, and couldn't restore from a TM backup for this reason. Turns out that most of my data is actually OK, and I've managed to copy most of it back on to my new OS X install, but the permissions of the files aren't ideal. If I try to do anything with them (move them around, rename them etc.) then I get this error "You do not have sufficient access privileges to rename the item "item_name"". I've tried using the Get Info window but this doesn't help. Is there a Terminal command I could use?
  10. Still Waiting For Root Device :(

    It isn't so much the distros that solve this problem but what IOATA kext you use. Try selecting one (just one) other than the vanilla one.
  11. Small UI hickup concerning text alignment

    I assume that service controls the thing your having problems with. I've never ever killed that service, only ever Finder and the Dock. If you log out/in, the service should start. Basically, don't stop it again. I'm pretty certain you only needed the first command.
  12. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    I used this. Had to use anv kernel, using an SSE3 Prescott Pentium 4. I had problems, the system wouldn't boot (still waiting for root device) so I used the kexts I'd backed up and restored all kexts with ATA in them (/System/Library/Extensions/*ATA*). This solved that problem, but now loginwindow keeps looping in a crash and I can't get to the desktop. When booting in verbose mode (-v) I see the loginwindow app start, get the blue screen and a mouse pointer, then I'm returned to a black screen, which quickly shows another 'starting loginwindow app' type message. The blue screen shows up again with a cursor, then it crashes dumping me back to the black screen, looping ad infinitum. Usually I'm booting with -v -f, adding -x has the same problem and takes longer to boot.
  13. Wow. Nearly three months. I'm not sure why you'd reply really, seems odd you'd stumble across this thread unless you had the same problem. In any case, the problem got solved a while ago AND you really should read the post properly: Hence the request. I'm competent with OS X on non-apple machines, but I do have limited bandwidth.
  14. You're hardware looks similar in age to mine. I used to get kernel panics using iPC as well until I specified the rd=diskXsY option in the Darwin prompt when booting the DVD.
  15. Bit of trial and error and educated guess work. disk2s3 for XxX 10.5.6, disk2s2 for iPC 10.5.6.