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Installing Kalyway on Inspiron 9400 laptop + USB external drive

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Hi all, this i my first thread so be patient ;)

i'm trying to install kalyway on my dell inspiron 9400 laptop, is a core2duo 2,16 with ac97 audio e nvidia geforce 7900gs


i want to install Leopard over an external empty USB drive (i can use firewire also, is a lacie external drive with both), internal hd is vey little and also quite full and having it on an usb device would be perfect for me (even if it is a bit slower, better than wiping my laptop hd!!).


my first attempt:

-formatted disk as GUID with 1 partition of 50Gb, the rest unpartitioned.

-option was: vanilla on, driver nvidia, driver for ac97, efi boot for guid


installation stucked when it was near the end, 1 minute.

i think i can't use vanilla cause my laptop has no bios option to use ahci ?


second attempt:

-reformatted HD as MBR with 2 partitions, p1 os journaled, p2 fat32

-option was: vanilla off, driver nvidia, diriver ac97, efi boot for mbr


installation successfull!!

i've changed both file system and kernel so i don't know why installation has blocked before, i think is because of ahci but it's just a supposition..


-i've changed my boot option in bios to ext. usb drive.


rebooted: blinking cursor.... it doesn't boot from usb.. what am i missing?

if i cannot use vanilla so also efi bootloader doesn't works without ahci?


do i have to go to terminal to make usb drive active by myself?

do i have to use an exact name for the system drive in order to let it work ?

i've searched for more than 1 hour but i haven't found exactly related to this matter, sorry if i've missed it in case..


i continue trying more installation combinations but if i turn off efi bootloader i have to do something in terminal to make it boot right ?


thanks for reading, any help or link to a noob procedure to make it bootable is really appreciated :D

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my friend has the same model i put ideneb OSX 10.5.5 on it ...his had the same problem when booting off a USB drive. because we were using the side USB port's and not the ones in the back. try those in the back they are the System powered ones.. also you could use a a darwin Boot cd. like 132 find it here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=113288


or go here to get the gui program to make your own...http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/SlimbuildGUI.shtml


hope this helps...

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