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SSE 2 AMD and Intel Question


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Im trying to dual boot Vista and leopard together, i love vista but being a web designer i would like to get into macs a bit more and develope on them, i want to test what its like before i commnit to buying newer/better hardware or even a MacBook


Im getting the FireWire security error followed by Still looking for root device.


My question is will the iATKOS v1.0 iso image work on SSE2 CPU's like Intel Celeron M 1.5mHz or even an AMD Athlon XP 2200 (which i dont think is SSE2 or higher but hopping im wrong on that one for now)


This will determing which CPU ill purchase on my next upgrade which im planing on doing in the next few weeks and whether an macbook is worth the money if i can get MAC OS X 10.5 working on a notebook PC then use Boot Camp to load Vista?


Thanks in advance!

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