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finder crashes


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hi everything seems to work fine i used the 10.4.8 jas sse2 sse3 intel amd dvd but the problem is that i can't share files with windows every time i mount a server finder crashes my pc is not high tech its a

vaio pcv-rs30mv

P4 2,6 ghz HT

with 256mb ram

everything is onboard lan and audio

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mmm i don't know but i have updated to 10.4.9 as someone sais here again everything works fine but the share thing keeps on crashing the finder since i don't kknow waht you mean by samba il tell you how i try to shareÇ:

1. open finder

2. go to network

3. open inisioms

4. select the folder

5. it mounts the folder

6. when i try to open the folder mounted it crashes


then i try to get any file from windows it just send me to liveserch as if i were trying to get a page or something.

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