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RAM and CPU questions


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so I got mine working with Kalyway, but just have a few questions.


first, the specs of my computer:


Core 2 Quad Q6600

Gigabyte DS3L mobo

2 gig PC2-8500 ram

Nvidia 8800gt 512MB

500 gig HD

dvd writer


i was able to get 2 channel sound to work, but not 4 channel, and I got my video card to install, but shows up as 771MB.. i'm assuming it is ok.


so when i check system profile.. my ram shows up as 2 gigs, but only 800mHz ... isn't it supposed to 1066mHz for PC2-8500?


also, CPU just shows up as 2.4gHz, but how do i know its running as quad?


can anybody help? TIA. this forum has been a wealth of information, but i can't find anything on these issues..

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