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Sucess: Kalyway 10.5.2 + XP 32-bit on VMware + Dual boot Vista 64-bit


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Hello, I just want to share my nice setup!


I installed with :


- Kalyway 10.5.1 (I selected English for installation and then switched to French)

- pc_efi_v80

- GUID (easier to resize/add partitions)

- few tips for DS3 board (BIOS config, alc889a for sound, etc)

- NVinject installer, v.32 for 8800 GT


All this without much problem and I am now running OS X and Windows XP 32-bit on a virtual machine with VMware and it works like a charm. Sure it is a no go for gaming, but it is very useful for me to run windows applications that aren't available for OS X (like some IDE as Microsoft Visual Studio) at same time and without reboot. I also have dual boot Windows Vista 64-bit which works for games.


I got 4GB of ram and I am giving 1.5GB to windows, its running really smooth. You can also choose to share either 1 or more core from your CPU which is great.


All my hardware is working great. I was able to run World of warcraft without a hitch at high fps even with 4XAA.


- Shutdown works most of the time

- Restart always works

- Sleep doesn't (but it did before (no clue why), but required to use the power-on button).

- System software updates works perfectly (I updated Quicktime from it).

- ACHI on, SATA 3.0 Gigabit + NCQ working

- Gigabyte 8800 GT : both DVI ouput works great on (tested 2X 1920x1200x32bit)

- System profile report 771 of VRAM but it must be adding some kind of RAM to it, OpenGL Extensions Viewer report correct amount of video RAM (536870912).

- E8400 reported as "3 GHz Unknown"

- Samsung Sata drive works great (can read/write CD (tested), DVD (tested), DL-DVD (not tested)).


I was able to overclock my E8400 easily with the stock cooling, but now (no clue why here too), it doesn't want to overclock anymore at all... My BIOS configuration shows the modification I am trying to do, but it seems like it doesn't apply it. Must be something dumb but I can't find. FIXED : Disable EIST in Advanced bios setting and turn on/off the power supply can also help fixing this.


The only problem I still have on the OS X side is the AFP problem which is currently discuss on this thread, I hope it can be resolved since I can't install my shared printer. Time machine on LAN is working thought (using the direct IP afp://192...). FIXED : look on the thread linked or elsewhere on the forum


I hope this may inspire some new Hackintosh! :( Feel free to as any question


Post Scriptum : if your Apple logo at boot is wrong resolution (that was anoying me, it looked fake mac ;p), there is an easy fix, add the following (change resolution to desired one) to /Library/Preferences/systemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist;


	 <key>Graphics Mode</key>


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