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  1. Hi. I got ideneb 1.4 on but my when I hook up my guitar to garageband, the sound quality of the guitar sounds "sounds" a lot worse than when I tried it on a macbook. My motherboard is Gigabyte P35 DS3R and the sound card is integrated. Model is Realtek ALC889A I don't think it can be that worse than the Unibody Macbook's since those are using an Intel integrated too. So my question is whether this is a hardware or software problem and how I can get better crisper sounds on Garageband? Thanks.
  2. this thread was started 2 years ago, is it still relevant to today's 10.5.6 installation? btw was impatient so tried it anyway but it didnt work
  3. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    how do i install htat file?
  4. unfortunately this did not work for my ideneb 1.4 installation. hope someone can help us ps/2 keyboard users come up with a solution
  5. Hi. I checked the PS/2 keyboard driver at the beginning of setup in customize but still my ps/2 keyboard doesn't work. can someone please help me fix this error? would be nice to be able to use a keyboard with os x 10.5.6. Thanks
  6. Hi. Is it possible to get ps/2 keyboard to work with ideneb 1.4? I ask my friend and he said Macs can only use USB keyboard, but I use ps/2 keyboard on a really old hackintosh (I think tiger) a few years ago before
  7. I know same here, I had a question and no one responds either, you're like the first person to reply and I'm actually feeling some gratitude even though you didn't help me xD
  8. All the stickyed guides for some reason require you to have two drives and an already installed version of Leopard (which makes no sense because that's what I'm having trouble with in the first place.) What would be the best? I heard kalyway is the easiest but it is old since version is 10.5.2 My friend recommend ideneb 1.4 but I see no guide for it here
  9. I don't understand why this guide is telling you to install Leopard within Leopard. What good is it if we don't know how to get Leopard running in the first place?
  10. anyone got a guide to this?
  11. Need help booting Leo 10.5.6 in VMWare

    I've got a new problem now, there's no destination to install it into! Any help would be appreciated =)
  12. Hi. I need help booting Leo XxX 10.5.6 Leopard Install Disc Rev 1. I'm using this guide: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Vmware_how_to I'm at Step 7 but when I go to boot the disk I get the following: System Config file '/com.apple.Boot.Slist' not found How can I fix this? On a side note, will I be able to run Garage Band over VMWare with my guitar connected to the computer or should I do a clean install? Thanks
  13. spfdisk error

    Hey guys. I'm following the 10.4.8 MAC guide on the WIKI (the complete one) and I'm not liking it. I put spfdisk onto my floppy and ran the exe to extract 4 files, 3 .txt files and 1 .exe. However when I boot wit the floppy it says: Invalid System Disk Replace the disk, and then press any key Can someone tell me why this is happening and how to make Windows my active partition. Now I cannot go back to my XP and am stuck with this non-working OSX =\ thanks A^_^
  14. I get this screen I know my hardware list is completely compatible with MAC because I used to have 10.4.5 on it. For some reason I'm stuck at this screen (same situation as redeamer.) right after the installation reboot Does anyone know why?
  15. oh the install goes fine. Also, my DVD drive is already set at master It's after the install, the reboot right after to have your first go at MAC OS X. Before you get to the login screen I suppose.